Program Themes

2019 Conference themes will include:

Families, Friends and Partners
• Friendships & peer relationships
• Supporting family relationships
• Mentoring
• Lived experiences
• Dating, finding love and sexuality

AAC Teams- Integrating movement, the senses & more
• Collaborative AAC teams
• Motor learning
• Mounting, access seating and positioning for AAC
• Accommodating the senses in AAC (e.g. vision, CVI, hearing, sensory)
• Autism Spectrum Disorders
• Mental health & trauma

Connecting practice across regions
• Connecting and supporting regional, rural and remote AAC users
• Telehealth & service delivery
• Interstate collaborations
• International connections


Challenging Traditional Roles & Partnerships
• Diversifying AAC teams
• Therapists & Educators working together
• Working within NDIS reforms
• Sharing responsibilities for AAC success
• Innovative partnerships between service providers, families and education and community

AACcessible curriculum for all
• Embedding communication across a rich curriculum
• AAC and literacy
• AAC & Autism – evidence-based practice
• Leading change in AACcessible schools

Taking the leap into adulthood
• Employment, post-school options & transition programs
• Building connections with post school service providers and community
• Lived experiences
• Self-determination, safety and independence

Changing minds & practice through creativity
• Participatory AAC-user led arts-based stream; using the arts to influence change
• Increasing opportunities for creative experience, self-expression, collaboration and mentoring.


“Practical technology learning space”
• How to set up, program and use AAC technology
• Live demonstrations of AAC implementation and literacy teaching strategies
• Supplier presentations
• Researching emerging and new technologies